Employee Stock Options, Executive Tax Planning 2018 Edition


Employee Stock Options, Executive Tax Planning 2018 Edition

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Michael Gray explains the tax repurcussions of exercising Incentive Stock Options, Non-Qualified Stock Options, Employee Stock Purchase Plans and Restricted Stock Grants (RSUs) for the people who hold these options, with an Options Comparison Chart to highlight the differences of the options.

It is 71 pages of hard-hitting information. This is a "plain talk" explanation that doesn't require a lot of tax knowledge, but will help you avoid unexpected tax traps.

For more comprehensive guidance, consider our other book, Secrets of Tax Planning for Employee Stock Options, Stock Grants and ESOPs.

"During the tech boom, Silicon Valley workers had surprisingly few places to turn for help with their stock options. Mike Gray was one of them, providing an authoritative voice of prudence in a time of irrational exuberance. Steeped in the complexities of tax laws and strategies, he was among the first to co-author a primer to help workers understand how options worked and how to take money off the table."

Mark Schwanhausser
Personal finance reporter
San Jose Mercury News
San Jose, California

May your options increase in value!

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